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Office Security

Office Security Solutions


Office surveillance is more than just security.Our supply processes, services, tools and systems together with strategic CCTV Security camera locations assist you to meet your office, reception, office block, office lobby security surveillance wants and achieve security with far more accuracy. Moreover, our engineers are experienced in applying security solutions to large scale buildings and properties. We are able to assist you keep watch on your employees, machines, assets, entry points and even offices.

IP Surveillance

Always feel secure with a security system that features HD quality footage, motion activated push notifications and high capability storage hard drives that  record for weeks. We have helped with the planning and implementation of advanced surveillance systems for various large corporations across many verticals. Integration of ip CCTV system to Access control and different Security systems to induce better management of the location. You won’t ever need to worry concerning your office security once more. Ensure your office’s safety 24 / 7.

Office Security Solutions

Access Control

We can design and implement access control systems for multiple doors across multi-locations integrated on to one server.You can monitor your employee attendance and manage access across the business. This is often the simplest way to stop an incident from occurring 24×7/365 days a year we will bring solutions that keep working for you .Daily attendance of thousands of employees in your office . See Late Count in just one click. This device will play a great role in the preparation of salary sheet, So it is helpful for your office. .

Video Evidence

Weather you’re an office area or a jewellery Store or a mall or a Retail Store; you’ll have your eye in the sky and look at on your mobile. We design Storage and retrieval solution supported your requirements. This will be as a workforce monitoring based mostly and additionally for evidence documentation.We are able to provide access to reports based on the business requirements. Our solutions are an excellent deterrent and our evidence footage has been instrumental in solving many problems in the past. This is the best way to prevent an incident which can occurs.

Fire Detection Systems

Successfully designed and implemented acceptable fire Safety systems for locations with people, warehouses, retail stores and different high net-worth premises.Available or Non-addressable hearth alarm systems.Our detection systems are designed and installed in accordance with local and national fire codes, and may be monitored around the clock.Integrating to other systems like Access control, Voice Evacuation, etc., in situation of high-ceilings, high-rise, and among strict fire codes of NFPA / NBC / FM.We have with success commissioned fire detection systems at many notable large clients for his or her Electrical Rooms, malls, offices, and many more…

Office Security Solutions