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Industry Security

Industry Security Solutions

Protect yourself from stealing, burglary, and fraud and supply a safe experience for both employees and shoppers with the varied video and burglary alarm solutions which will suit your business absolutely. Our security solution will be monitoring your system, even when you aren’t there, so no matter what time it’s, your business are under maximum security supervision. large facilities need massive solutions to protect your workers, product, and machinery. protect from unwanted intrusions with our various gate and electronic access choices as well as protect your workers with our extensive fire and emergency evacuation solutions to keep up a secure work environment.

IP CCTV Surveillance

Video surveillance received from cameras onto a monitoring solution that enables for real time evidence and HD cloud recording. Our expert  team works with you to identify the solution combine needed that features choosing appropriate cameras, optimizing fibre networks and integrating with third party tools wherever applicable. Integration of IP CCTV system to Access control and different Security systems to induce better control of the location. We’ve helped with the design and implementation of advanced surveillance systems for various large corporations across many verticals. CCTV equipment used to observe parts of a process from a central control room, for example when the environment is not suitable for humans.

Access Control

Powerful Access control without the software system headache. By leveraging the ability of encrypted internet communications, we will assist you and simply manage access to any or all of your facilities. absolutely customizable security badges that enable seamless access for workers and different authorized people. Have access to detailed info about comings and goings in your facilities and at what times additionally to up-to-date emails. Access control solution is entirely web based mostly, eliminating the necessity of maintaining an on site server, client software, and licensing. this is often ideal for our clients that don’t have the time, resources, or need to manage their own access control system.

Fire Detection Systems

The modern workplace ought to be designed with worker safety as one of its highest goals. Even though you’re not a workplace that deals with unsafe or volatile materials, structural fires will become in the most calm of workplaces. Security Solutions will install a customized fire and evacuation system which will monitor and alert to any potential dangers and make safe ways in which for everybody to get away from the danger. Our various monitoring systems can keep a watch on any environmental or chemical changes even dangerous weather. and every one of this may be connected directly back to our local monitoring station, our wireless communication network which will always alert us to any potential threat or alarm.

Building Automation and Integration

We have implemented solution for big clients by integrating the areas of fireplace, Security, elevators, HVAC, lighting, Water Meters, BTU Meters, Billing, etc. Comprehensive observation and management of nearly each aspect of the facility. We’ve got experience to configure and setup BMS control room that generates compelling value to building house owners and facility management. Our clients are very glad after they see standard facilities transformed into dynamic, flexible and intelligent buildings with higher efficiencies, lower prices and greater returns. We can help you to resolve the hardest challenges of building integration and enterprise connectivity.