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Home security Solutions

We understand  your need . When you are office you are worried about your kids and old people. Family is all all time first and Safety & security is a priority. Trust us we provide you with the perfect home security cameras for the inside of your house. Video camera systems may be used for a large form of applications to observe and ensure safety of children, monitor maids, deterrence generally, etc., and ability to look at on mobile device and supply undisputed evidence.Who is ringing your doorbell With our VDP and Bio-metric Door-lock solutions you’ll never be surprised on who is on the opposite side and you’ll prohibit access to maids, young kids and others. For larger residential layouts, we create a wider and a lot of integrated solution with extra safety features like boom barriers, bollards and alternative implements. We provide you complete home security.

Home security solutions-CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance

We provide everything you would like to set up your home security cameras right out of the box. Our intuitive product design combined with simple network setup can have you ever able to view your cameras remotely in a short time. Our goal is to induce you up and running quickly, saving you time and cash while still providing a strong set of professional-grade features. We’ve implemented thousands of Video surveillance systems in homes, residential flats, villas, etc. Keeping in mind the core would like – surveillance, evidence and mobile viewing. We will provide high megapixel CCTV system that’s connected to a extremely reliable Linux based mostly NVR/DVR with storage. We additionally provide Wireless CCTV solutions that are easy to install.

Digital Door Locks

We can design and implement Video Door Phone systems for your flat, single family home or a multi-apartment building. You can monitor who is at the door, before you open the door. this is often the best way to stop an occurrence from occurring. We will install Smarter solution for your home. high-tech Fingerprint Digital Door Lock with strong safety features. That means that if you want to manage your lock remotely through your phone, you’ll also need to invest in a good home hub. We offer various FINGERPRINT DIGITAL LOCKS and have enlarged our coverage toGATES and Glass Doors. Security is your concern; and our specialty. We additionally provide  Digital Door lock solutions systems.

Fire Detection Systems

We have with success installed fire Safety systems for locations with people and sensitive assets to homes, retail stores and different high net-worth premises like banks and cash lockers. Available or Non-addressable fire alarm systems… our detection systems are designed and installed in accordance with local and national fire codes, and may be monitored around the clock. Integration to different systems like Intrusion Alarm, Access control, Voice Evacuation, etc., in scenario of individual homes, high-ceilings, high-rise apartment complex, etc. Fire Extinguishers are a requirement have, for every household room. We have the appropriate complete solutions to address your needed and requirements. 

Be There For The Family 24/7 Monitoring

View home security camera footage from anyplace.Stay connected to your home even while you’re away using our free remote connectivity apps. Watch the live feed (or recorded playback) of all of your cameras anytime you would like – from nearly anywhere in the world. we are one of the largest CMS operators in the country and that we hold the history of preventing many hundred burglaries, many lives, and lots of additional incidents. Our systems are operating for you even when you aren’t. Sign-up with us and rest is all assured. making it a requirement have for each home… particularly, old people for Medical Emergency. when you are away.keep a watch on the security of the family at home. Keep an eye and find control on the domestic help, like maids and drivers…Our solutions are an excellent deterrent and our evidence footage has been instrumental in solving many problems in the past.